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To promote diverse exchanges with domestic and international research talents, we invite everyone to participate in the “4th Outstanding College Students Summer Research Camp”. This event will be jointly organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau.

The summer research camp is supported by several research centers, including the National Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City, the National Key Laboratory of Simulation and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, the Regional Ocean Research Center, the Center for Data Science, the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, the Center for Applied Mathematics, and the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences. The activities will be led by professors from the Faculty of Science and Technology, including visits to various national key laboratories and research centers, lectures by renowned professors, discussions between teachers and students, campus tours, and exchange activities between new and old students. This will allow students to personally experience the international environment and English learning culture at the University of Macau!


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