Institute of Collaborative Innovation (ICI) is organizing the first “International Symposium on Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Innovation Research” at UM in September 2023. This event aims to gather experts from academia, government, and society to discuss the latest trends and challenges in data science, cognitive sciences, and brain sciences. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative solutions can emerge for complex problems. More significantly, the symposium’s objective is to facilitate dynamic discussions and exchanges among scholars and to share recent findings in cognitive neuroscience and data science through 2 sub-sessions led by Head of Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CCBS) and Head of Centre for Data Science (CDS) respectively. More than 45 speakers from various backgrounds will share experiences and insights, featuring plenary sessions, keynotes, and poster presentations, driving forward the frontiers of data science and cognitive and brain sciences.

Sub Session 1:  4 September 2023

The 1st Macau Symposium on Data Science 

The program will feature plenary sessions, keynote speakers and discussion on the following topics:
  • Data mining and data management
  • Machine learning algorithms and techniques
  • Natural language processing
  • Big data analytics and processing
  • Data visualization and storytelling
  • Ethical and legal issues in data science
  • Applications of data science in various industries.

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Sub Session 2:  8 and 9 September 2023

The 4th Macau Symposium on Cognitive and Brain Sciences

The program will feature plenary sessions, keynote speakers, young researcher presentation session and poster session on the following topics:

  • Neuroimaging and brain intervention techniques including fMRI/EEG/fNIRS and TMS/tDCS;
  • Cognitive neuroscience including behavioural addition, brain and language cognition, vision and emotion;
  • Psychiatric disorders including depression and anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Neurological disorders such as AD, PD, epilepsy and pain;
  • Child development and developmental disorder;
  • Cognitive ageing.

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